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Following her appointment in 2021, the Chief Justice launched the Social Transformation through Access to Justice vision which has a special focus on protecting the rights of vulnerable groups

This blueprint discusses in considerable detail the measures that we will be undertaking to achieve the objectives outlined above. The document is divided into six chapters that examine in depth the strategic initiatives that will define the next phase of reforms in the Judiciary.

The Judiciary Transformation Framework (JTF) was the Judiciary’s four-year reform blueprint that pulled the institution out of decades of near paralysis to a modern service oriented institution operating on world class standards.

This 2014-2018 Strategic Plan for the Judiciary appropriately, therefore, marks a redoubling of our transformation efforts. As our theme suggests, we are “building on the early successes and lessons of Judiciary transformation.”.

The premise of this Social Transformation through Access to Justice Blueprint is that the<br /> promulgation of the Constitution in 2010, while self-defining and executing, will not by itself sustain transformation of the Kenyan society. The people of Kenya and state organs like the<br /> Judiciary, to whom they have delegated authority, must now develop strategic and measurable roadmaps for Transformation to ensure that it is sustained and continues to improve the lives of all -- more so those of the marginalised and vulnerable in society.

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