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The establishment of Supreme Court of Kenya, which is today the highest court in the land, can be traced to the controversial Presidential election in 2007. The Kreigler Commission which was established thereafter to look into the unprecedented electoral violence that occurred, as well as allegations of electoral irregularities, concluded that there were legitimate concerns relating to the Electoral Commission and the Judiciary which needed to be addressed. In particular was lack of faith and confidence in processes that arbitrated election outcomes: Kenyans made serious allegations against the Judiciary, including inefficiency, incompetence and corruption. It was fairly evident that the people had lost faith in the Judiciary’s ability to dispense justice fairly, impartially and without fear.

Role of the Supreme Court

Section 3 of the Supreme Court Act, 2011 clearly delimits the objectives of the Supreme Court. It provides that

  1. The object of this Act is to make further provision with respect to the operation of the Supreme Court as a court of final judicial authority to, among other things—

(a) assert the supremacy of the Constitution and the sovereignty of the people of Kenya;

(b) provide authoritative and impartial interpretation of the Constitution;

(c) develop rich jurisprudence that respects Kenya’s history and traditions and facilitates its social, economic and political growth;

(d) enable important constitutional and other legal matters, including matters relating to the transition from the former to the present constitutional dispensation, to be determined having due regard to the circumstances, history and cultures of the people of Kenya;

(e) improve access to justice; and

(f) provide for the administration of the Supreme Court and related matters

Composition of the Court

The Court is established under Article 163 of the Constitution consisting of the Chief Justice, who is the President of the Court; the Deputy Chief Justice, who is the Deputy President of the Court; and five other Justices of the Supreme Court. 

The Seat of The Court

The seat of the Supreme Court of Kenya is in the Supreme Court Building in Nairobi. The physical location is at the intersection of Taifa Road and City Hall Way, next to the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC).

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