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Human Resource Management & Administration Committee (HRMC)

The Judiciary > Human Resource Management & Administration Committee (HRMC)

The mandate of this committee is to :-

  1. Operationalize the institutional organization structure
  2. Ensure that all staff and officers have job descriptions
  3. Review the scales of service for categories of staff and carry out a comprehensive skill audit.
  4. Rationalize staffing levels for all offices and courts and institutionalize transparent transfer policy
  5. Advice on gaps within the institution for meritorious recruitment and promotion of judiciary staff
  6. For sustained staff welfare, ensure there is timely renewal/extension of contracted services e.g. medical, security and cleaning services
  7. Institutionalize and cascade the performance appraisal to all staff (PAS)
  8. Review the code of conduct
  9. Ensure periodical review of the HR procedure manual and policy
  10. Ensure fair and just disciplinary processes are followed
  11. Review and conclude all pending disciplinary cases for staff
  12. Initiate the development of an effective transport policy in respect of all categories of courts, judges, registrars, directors and magistrates
  13. Ensure timely payment of all utility bills for all courts, judicial officers and judges to avoid disruption of judicial functions
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