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The Judiciary derives its mandate from the Constitution of Kenya, Article 159.
It exercises judicial authority given to it, by the people of Kenya and delivers justice according to the Constitution and other laws. The Judiciary is expected to handle disputes in a just manner, with a view to protecting the rights and liberties of all, thereby facilitating the attainment of the ideal rule of law.
Further, the Judiciary handles the broader administration of justice; formulation and implementation of judicial policies, and compilation and dissemination of case law and other legal information.
It provides independent, accessible, fair and responsive fora for dispute
resolution and development of jurisprudence. The institution promotes the rule of law by shaping public policy through interpretation of the Constitution and ensuring access to justice. It protects the Constitution by promoting national values and principles of good governance.
Further, it fosters social and political stability, and promotes national socio-economic development through its process and decisions. These functions are discharged through the Court Systems (structure), the Judicial Service Commission and The Kenya Law .

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