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Magistrate Courts

The Judiciary > Magistrate Courts

As a court of first instance, the Magistrates court has jurisdiction and powers in proceedings of a criminal nature as conferred by;

(a)The Criminal Procedure Code (Cap.75 of the Laws of Kenya) or

 (b) Any other written Law.

Magistrates court also has jurisdiction to hear and determine traffic matters in the manner provided for under the Traffic Act, Cap.403 of the Laws of Kenya.

The Magistrates court exercises jurisdiction and powers in proceedings of a civil nature in which the value of the subject matter in dispute does not exceed:

  • Ksh20 million for a Chief Magistrate

         (b)  Ksh15 million for a Senior Principal Magistrate

         (c)  Ksh10 million for a Principal Magistrate

         (d) Ksh7 million for a Senior Resident Magistrate

         (e) Ksh5 million for a Resident Magistrate

The above referenced jurisdiction applies to succession as well as to land and environment matters handled by Magistrates courts.

They include;


  1. Children’s Court

All Magistrate’s courts handle children matters. However, Milimani and Tononoka are specialized Children’ s Courts which deal exclusively with cases concerning parental responsibility, children  institutions, custody and maintenance, orders for  children in need of care and protection and children in conflict with the law.


  1. The Anti-corruption and Economic Crimes Court

Based at Forodha House in  Milimani, Nairobi,

this court is established for purposes of ensuring effective case management and disposal of cases involving corruption and economic crimes.


c)Counter-Terrorism Court

These courts include Shanzu and Kahawa Law Courts which deal with cases involving terrorism activities.

d)Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Court (JKIA)

This court deals cases involving drugs, human trafficking and other offenses within the airport.

  1. e) Sexual and Gender Based Violence Court (SGBV)

The first specialized SGBV court was established in 2022 in Shanzu, Mombasa.



Mobile court

The Judiciary operates Mobile courts to facilitate access to justice in remote areas.

The magistrate, prosecutor, police and court officials visit the areas on a regular basis and utilize available facilities to conduct court sessions.

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