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ICT & Integrated Case Management Systems Committee (ICMS)

The Judiciary > ICT & Integrated Case Management Systems Committee (ICMS)

The Mandate of this committee is to:-

  1. Undertake a critical analysis and a review of case management strategies and specifically the recommendations by the ICT Audit Committee to inform/guide the Committee’s decisions.
  2. Review past approaches to ICT and consolidate lessons learnt for best practices.
  3. Co-ordinate the implementation of the Court Management system for the Judiciary.
  4. Commission a baseline survey and ICT needs assessment.
  5. Formulate and oversee the implementation of Monitoring and Evaluation framework on Integrated Court Management Systems.
  6. Evaluate the effectiveness of strategic direction of the Judiciary with the implementation of the ICMS in regard to service delivery.
  7. Recommend adoption of policies and review of laws to ensure that the Integrated Court Management System technology is in line with the law.
  8. Formulate and pursue exchange initiatives and undertake comparative analysis of best practices to guide and improve the implementation of the court Management System.
  9. Enlist and undertake consultancy on the most appropriate ways of implementing the recommendations of the Integrated Court Management System Committee report.
  10. Guide development of systems specifications.
  11. Generate regular reports on Integrated Court Management System to the Hon. Chief Justice.
  12. Identify and engage state and non-state actors for future involvement in the Integrated Court Management System.
  13. Co-opt other members from time to time to the Committee should need arise.
  14. Carry out other functions as may be necessary to the success of the implementation of the Court Management System.
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