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Covering the 2017 Presidential Petition: A DPAC Story

The Judiciary > Feature Stories  > Covering the 2017 Presidential Petition: A DPAC Story

Covering the 2017 Presidential Petition: A DPAC Story

Personnel from media houses mount equipment in readiness for the Presidential election petition hearing at the Supreme Court in September 2017.The Judiciary was a beehive of activities ahead of the hearing and determination of the Presidential Election Petition at the Supreme Court held in August. Among other activities meant to prepare for the disputed presidential election was organizing the media houses to cover the event that attracted local and international attention.

Over 50 media houses including vernacular radio stations as well as foreign and international media were accredited to cover the petition. This is the second time the court was preparing to handle a case of such magnitude. The court heard and determined the disputed 2013 Presidential election. Similar media arrangements were made to cover the case.

The Judiciary put in place elaborate measures to facilitate live coverage of the event. These also included screens placed at strategic areas to cater for advocates, journalists and other guests to follow the proceedings.

Activities at the registry and the court sessions were relayed live in all local TV stations making it easy for members of public to follow the proceedings. The measures were intended to ensure events at the registry and court sessions were adequately covered.

This is part of efforts to facilitate open court sessions to public in line with the Constitution that envisions transparency and accountability in handling court cases.  The planning activities involved holding meetings with media personalities to work out modalities and details on how to efficiently capture the proceedings and relay to public.


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