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The Judicial Performance Improvement Project (JPIP) will shift the orientation of the project from inputs that fill gaps in judicial administration to core outcomes that are most important to court users. The project will now focus on four outcomes (1) Increase access to courts and Legal Information; (2) Improve timelines of Judiciary Services; (3) Enhance performances and quality of decision making; and (4) Project Management. This is still in line with the Project Development Objectives (PDO) of improving the performance of the Judiciary to provide its services in a more effective and accountable manner.
During the Mid-Term Review (MTR) on 6th – 17th July 2015, it was resolved that JPIP be restructured to focus on the needs of frontline service providers that interact with court users.

The MTR provided an opportunity for the Judiciary and the World Bank to assess the relevance, efficiency and effectiveness of the design and implementation of the project. Mid-Term Reviews are common practices for all World Bank Group projects. They aim at assessing the relevance, efficacy and effectiveness of the design of the project and to gauge whether the project is on course in meeting its objective.

The aims of the outcomes are as follows: Increasing access to courts and Legal Information will aim at reducing geographical distance to courts; improve links to court users and potential users and reduce knowledge barriers. Improving timeliness of Judiciary services will aim at reducing blockages in the registries; increase efficiencies with improved facilities; and increase the speed of case resolution. Enhancing performance and quality of decision making will focus on: increasing use of standards and data in management of the Judiciary; improve consistency and clarity of decision making; and strengthen integrity in decision making. The project management aims at ensuring the project is effectively and efficiently coordinated and managed. In particular it aims to ensure effective monitoring evaluation and reporting on the implementation of the activities, communication, procurement and financial management.

The Implementing Units of JPIP have aligned their activities in the work plans based on the outcome of the MTR and in particular the four areas of outcomes and also in line with the Judiciary Transformation Framework (JTF).

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