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Performance Management and Measurement Understanding (PMMU) for JTI

The Judiciary > JTI Newsletter  > Performance Management and Measurement Understanding (PMMU) for JTI

Performance Management and Measurement Understanding (PMMU) for JTI

JTI negotiated performance targets and contracts with PMMU during 2016/2017 financial year to cascade the contents of the contract to the staff of the institute. The purpose of this understanding is to enhance accountability for results by focusing on delivery of the mandate of the JTI and forms the basis for continuous improvement for the transformation of the Judiciary.

This understanding establishes a framework for clear performance objectives, goals and targets for JTI and its staff whereby its Director submits monthly, quarterly and annual performance reports, based on the performance indicators and targets of every individual and department in the institute to the Chairman of JSC, and/or his designated representative.

The reports must be accurate, timely and submitted in the specified reporting formats for purpose of monitoring progress of performance and for annual evaluation.

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