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Maua Law Courts Excels in Records Digitization

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Maua Law Courts Excels in Records Digitization

Maua Law Courts Excels in Records Digitization

The Integrated Case Management Systems – ICMS Committee started its work in earnest under the leadership of Principal Judge Richard Mwongo having been appointed by then Chief Justice Dr Willy Mutunga in 2014 to spearhead the digitization of Judiciary processes.

The digitalization processes in the past hit a snag because the choice of technology was not done with users in mind. The Judiciary also came up with the Judiciary Information Communication Technology draft policy which was to guide the automation of the Judiciary systems.

Some court stations have taken it upon themselves to go ahead of the Integrated Case Management Systems-ICMS Committee. Maua Law Courts is one such court stations. At Maua Law Courts, staff have gone ahead to improvise a way to ensure that they digitize their court records.

Proceedings, rulings and judgments are scanned, and then stored in a retrieval system online. “The records are now intact, all you need to do is just a click and you can access whatever information you need on a specific case as long as you have the case number,” said Chief Magistrate Oscar Wanyagah.

The records are categorized by dates and nature of cases for easy retrieval once required by litigants and other stakeholders. The system has gone a long way to ensure zero cases of lost files. At Maua Law Courts, movement of files does not affect access to the records. This is because the user will simply log on to the system and retrieve the records required anywhere they are without necessarily having to move around.


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