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Official Opening of the Kigumo Court

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Official Opening of the Kigumo Court

The Chief Justice David Maranga officially opened the Kigumo Law Court jointly with members of the local community in Muranga County on 1st of November.

The new Law Court now replaces the previous dilapidated buildings which had existed from 1917.The new building consists of three court rooms, three chambers, and registries for each division and separate holding facilities for men, women and juveniles complete with toilets, library for judicial officers and advocates together with a lounge.

Kigumo Law Court case load is over 2000 cases per year, shared between three magistrates. They have a case clearance rate of 100% which means the court is hearing cases faster than they are being filed, decreasing the likelihood of clearing backlog.

According to the Judiciary’s Performance Management and measurement report 2016-2017, Kigumo was rated very good and is amongst the top ten courts with the best performing magistrates in determining civil cases within 60 days.

Addressing the community the CJ called on court officials to utilize the facilities to improve service delivery to wananchi. He said it would be a disappointment to have the new buildings without improving the quality of services offered to the public.

This is the first court supported by JPIP to be opened officially. The project is supporting construction of 29 courts across the country geared at increasing access to justice and enhancing service delivery.

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