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The ELRC held a workshop for its Judges from  October 4 to 7, 2017. The workshop was  themed “Striving towards an efficient Employment and Labour Relations Court with a focus on Sustaining Judiciary Transformation: opportunities, challenges and strategies”.

The main objectives were to share the vision of the ELRC and implementation of SJT, describe the challenges and strategies to clear backlog in ELRC, understand the role of SRC in resolution of Economic Labour Disputes, understand the conflicting jurisprudence within the court, understand the performance contract and targets for the Court and indicate the emerging jurisprudence for Labour Court and stakeholders’ view.

During the workshop, Justice Maureen Onyango from Kisumu Law Courts was elected Principal Judge.

Judges of Environment and Land Court also held a workshop during which they also elected Justice Samson Okong’o as the Presiding Judge of the court. The workshop held between 4th and 9th June, 2017, had the following objectives:

  • To share with the participants the vision of the ELC and implementation of SJT by ELC;
  • To discuss the Water Regulatory Framework and emerging jurisprudence from the Water Appeals Board;
  • To explain the emerging environmental jurisprudence from the National Environmental Tribunal (NET);
  • To understand the Active Case Management for the court;
  • To highlight on the Environmental Law training manual;
  • To learn more about the proposed Africa Judicial Education Network on Environmental Law;
  • To learn on the challenges and strategies to clear case backlog in ELC;
  • To appreciate the role of Court Annexed Mediation in clearance of case backlog;
  • To know facts and figures of the Performance Measurement and Management for the court;
  • To understand harnessing synergy of the civil society and other stakeholders in enhancing performance of ELC; and
  • To understand the proposed amendments to the ELC Act and practice directions for the Magistrate Courts.

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