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CJ and CRJ engage with Milimani Anti-Corruption Court on enhancement of service delivery

The Judiciary > Headlines  > CJ and CRJ engage with Milimani Anti-Corruption Court on enhancement of service delivery

CJ and CRJ engage with Milimani Anti-Corruption Court on enhancement of service delivery


Chief Justice Martha Koome, accompanied by the Chief Registrar of the Judiciary Winfridah Mokaya, today visited the Milimani Anti-Corruption Court to engage with Judges, Magistrates and Staff on enhancement of service delivery. They also visited the pilot National Transcription Centre to appreciate the progress made in adopting technology as an enabler of justice.

The CJ stated that the country’s focus on the fight against corruption puts the spotlight on the Anti-Corruption Court which deals with high profile cases. She reminded the Judges and Judicial Officers that the work they do is critical because the country has appreciated that corruption is a cancer.

“Corruption is on the lips of every Kenyan and conversations are ongoing at NCAJ where each institution involved in the fight against corruption is coming up with a clear framework to fight corruption,” the CJ said.

She urged them to do the right thing and do their best in dealing with cases expeditiously to protect the society from those who want to undermine the country through corruption.

The CJ lauded the Anti-Corruption Court for the development and implementation of a Corruption Risk Assessment and Mitigation Plan. As part of implementation of this Plan, an Integrity Assurance Committee has been set up in the Court with technical assistance from EACC. The Plan has been applied in case audit, complaint response, prudent utilization of budget, procurement as well as assets registration and identification.

The Head of the Anti-Corruption Court Thomas Nzyoki said the reduction of case backlog is a priority for the court which conducts special hearings in the afternoon when necessary.

The visit also saw the Chief Justice and Chief Registrar of the Judiciary tour digital innovations that are enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in the Court. With support from development partners, the Court has installed video conferencing and recording equipment in two rooms. The equipment has enabled presentation of electronic evidence and the participation of accused persons who are not able to physically attend court. The Court is also able to take evidence from witnesses remotely – including from those who are abroad. ICT equipment has also enhanced the virtual hearing platform.

Owing to this technology and other interventions, the court’s adjournment rate has reduced from 8.9% to 3.7% with a target of zero adjournments.

The CJ appreciated these efforts and urged the Court to try even harder to deliver justice expeditiously especially in public interest cases. She urged the staff to uphold integrity and ethics at all times. “Do not be distracted. Focus on delivering justice and serve the public with humility.”

The CJ and CRJ also visited the National Transcription Centre which was established on a pilot basis in October 2023 to address the typing of proceedings which has been a challenge. The purpose of the Centre is to leverage technology to revolutionalize transcription by using Artificial Intelligence to transcribe court proceedings overnight. Expansion to serve more courts is underway. Automated transcription is also a step towards achieving paperless courts.

The CJ termed the Transcription Centre as a dream come true, adding that “Technology has been the missing link. The use of technology as opposed to hiring of temporary staff to type proceedings secures the integrity of court data and information that is very sensitive.”

The CRJ commended the ICT and transcription teams for the innovation and pledged her support to roll it out nationwide. She also assured the Anti-Corruption Court of support. “As I settle into office, I recognize that my role as that of being supportive and facilitative. I will maintain an open door policy so that we can continue to engage and find solutions,” CRJ Mokaya said.

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