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CJ Koome meets Judiciary’s management team

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CJ Koome meets Judiciary’s management team

NANYUKI, May 21, 2024 – Chief Justice Martha Koome today met with the Judiciary’s Management Team led by Chief Registrar Winfridah Mokaya in a working retreat converged under the theme “Aligning Management Priorities to the Social Transformation through Access to Justice (STAJ) Blueprint.
The retreat is intended to give the Management Team – comprising Registrars, Directors and Heads of administrative functions – a deeper understanding of the philosophical underpinnings of the STAJ Blueprint and a clear roadmap on how to steer, champion and cascade its implementation.
The Chief Justice called on the Management Team to ensure that the entire institution is aligned to, and is implementing STAJ.
“As we reflect on the Judiciary policies, strategy and planning, we must bear in mind our Judiciary Vision and Blueprint “Social Transformation through Access to Justice (STAJ) and champion reform initiatives and interventions to align all management priorities to the STAJ blueprint,” she stated.
CJ Koome reminded the leaders that STAJ is a transformative agenda geared towards enhanced focus on people-centred justice delivery.
“In all our planning and strategic engagements, we must bear in mind that the people are at the centre of our operations,” she emphasized.
She highlighted that the Judiciary is a connector of justice and is looking both ‘outward’ and ‘forward’ for justice solutions.
“We shall be looking outward to identify our stakeholders and collaborating with them, pursuing socially responsive objectives and providing avenues for our stakeholders to interact with us to facilitate access to justice,” she said.
“Looking forward,” she explained “will involve positioning justice champions as social transformers using structures and resources to seal the existing justice gaps while monitoring the progress we are making and adjusting our approaches as necessary.”
The CJ encouraged the team to “Put people and their legal needs in all the planning, policies and strategies; endeavour to solve justice problems through prudent management of available resources; improve Kenyans’ justice journeys by shunning corruption and embrace openness and transparency.”
Speaking during the same forum, the Chief Registrar of the Judiciary Winfridah Mokaya, noted that the office of the Chief Justice’s and that of the Chief Registrar of the Judiciary’s are symbiotic.
“While the Chief Justice is the visionary leader giving strategic direction and guiding the institution with clarity and foresight as set out in the STAJ vision, the Chief Registrar’s role is supportive and facilitative. OCRJ translates the vision into workplans and budgets and oversees implementation,” said the CRJ.
CRJ Mokaya committed to ensure that the management will work as a team and “pull in the same direction” in the realization of STAJ Blueprint. She invited the leaders to come up with innovative ways of re-engineering work methods and processes to enhance efficiency; leverage on technology; identify STAJ priorities to inform resource allocation and ultimately improve access to justice.

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