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CJ Koome admits 822 more lawyers to the Roll of Advocates

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CJ Koome admits 822 more lawyers to the Roll of Advocates

Chief Justice Martha Koome presided over the admission to the Roll of Advocates 822 newly qualified lawyers. The CJ said the new advocates should be relentless in the pursuit of justice.nn”I urge them to play a role in empowering the most vulnerable in the society and enable them to access justice,” the CJ said.nnShe said the advocates should seek out those who have been silenced and give them a voice by empowering the marginalised, the neglected and the oppressed. They must stand up for what is right, even when it is inconvenient or unpopular.nn”We must strive to create a legal profession that is not only respected for its intellectual rigour and professional excellence, but also revered for its compassion and commitment to social justice,” She added.nnShe explained that the Social Transformation through Access to Justice (STAJ) vision being championed by the Judiciary calls upon us to make the justice system more inclusive, accessible and fair for all Kenyans.nn”We recently inaugurated the Chief Justices’ Young Advocates Mentorship Programme to help new lawyers find a footing in the profession. The Pro Bono Legal Aid Scheme allows young advocates to earn a modest stipend as they represent vulnerable persons,” CJ Koome said.nnShe said the Mentorship Programme assists the Senior Bar and other distinguished legal professionals to guide upcoming lawyers through Trial Advocacy skills training.nnnn 

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