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Historic African Court in Lodwar to serve as Alternative Justice Systems suite

LODWAR, Kenya,  August 30, 2023 The historic African Court located in Lodwar town has an extraordinary past linked with Kenya’s independence heroes. The building, adjacent to the Lodwar Law Courts, will now serve as the Alternative Justice Systems suite, as the Judiciary embraces a multi-door approach to the delivery of justice. The Ekukwo A  Ateni AJS suite has been inaugurated by Chief Justice Martha Koome, who said that institutionalising traditional justice mechanisms, was not merely offering an alternative, but was a way of celebrating Kenya’s heritage. “The AJS offers more than just a resolution to disputes. It offers reconciliation; it looks beyond the symptoms...

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CJ Koome’s access to justice initiative extends to the refugee town of Kakuma

KAKUMA, Kenya, August 29, 2023 Chief Justice Martha Koome’s pursuit of enhanced access to justice for the most vulnerable in society has extended to Kakuma, a town synonymous with the refugee population. It’s here that CJ Koome launched an Alternative Justice Systems model and rolled out e-filing of cases on Tuesday  in a monumental step towards an accessible, people-centred justice system. “It is also vital to acknowledge the commendable spirit of the residents of Kakuma in embracing refugees, who often stand on the precipice of vulnerability. Your sense of community and coexistence serves as a beacon for the entire nation,” she said at...

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[gallery size="medium" masterslider="true" loop="true" ids="31238,31239,31240,31241,31242,31243,31244,31245,31246,31247,31248,31249,31250,31251,31252,31253,31254,31255,31256,31257,31258,31259,31260,31261,31262,31263,31264,31265,31266,31267,31268,31269,31270,31271,31272,31273"]nnCJ KOOME LAUNCHES CONVICTED SEXUAL OFFENDERS ELECTRONIC REGISTERnnNAIROBI. MONDAY, June 26, 2023nnChief Justice Martha Koome today launched a Convicted Sexual Offenders Electronic Register in fulfilment of the Sexual Offences Act of 2006 at Kibera Law Courts.nnThe CJ said the register will hold a crucial database of all convicted offenders and will ensure easy access to information on convicted sex offenders for relevant authorities.nn“We are sending a clear message that our society will not tolerate those who prey upon the vulnerable. We will hold them accountable, and their actions shall not go unnoticed or unpunished.” CJ Koome...

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18 sworn in as chairpersons, members and secretaries of seven tribunals

Deputy Chief Registrar of the Judiciary Paul Ndemo presided over the swearing-in of chairpersons and members of various tribunals as well as two Secretaries at the Supreme Court building in Nairobi. The tribunals are; Water, Competition, Insurance, Capital Markets, Standards, Privatization Appeals and National Environment tribunals. The Registrar of Tribunals, Hon Ann Asugah, administered the oaths.nn nnA. Water Tribunalnn Bernard Ochoi (Chairperson)nnB. Competition Tribunalnn Hillary Marrimoi (Member)n Raymond Nyamweya (Member)nnC. Insurance Tribunalnn Tom Kimaru (Member)n Sammy Chepkwony (Member)n Carolyne Mulondu Bosco (Member)n Rosemary Wanjiku Thiong’o (Member)nnD. Capital Markets Tribunalnn Godwin Wangong’u (Member)n Josephine A. Eboko (Member)n Faith Chirchir (Secretary)nnE. Standards Tribunalnn...

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Court reviews guidelines for new ELC divisions

The Environment and Land Court Deputy Registrars and other court officials led by the Registrar of the Court Rose Makungu review the ELC’s Registry Manual as well as the guidelines for the newly created divisions - Environment and Planning Division and the Land Division.nn nn[gallery size="medium" masterslider="true" loop="true" ids="31117,31118,31119,31120,31121,31122,31123,31124,31125,31126"]...

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DCJ Mwilu and IJM’s Regional President hold discussions on IJM’s work on rescuing victims of violence and strengthening the public justice system

nThe Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mbete Mwilu this morning received a courtesy call from International Justice Mission's Africa and Europe Regional President Mr Andy Griffiths.n nnnThey held discussions on IJM's work on rescuing victims of violence, restoring survivors, and strengthening the public justice system and its intersections with the work of the Judiciary.n nnnThe DCJ outlined the Judiciary's people-centred justice strategies under its Social Transformation through Access to Justice (STAJ) vision and emphasised the need for trauma support not only for victims, but also for judges and judicial officers.nn n nnn[gallery size="medium" masterslider="true" loop="true" ids="31107,31108,31109,31110,31111,31112,31113,31114"]nnn n n n ...

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Staff and actors in justice chain pay their last respects to Court Assistant, the late Phoebe Suda?

Migori Law Courts Head of Station Naomi Wairimu and Kenya Judicial Staff Association President Boru Wako led members of staff from various stations and representatives from the ODPP and LSK, in paying their last respects to the late Phoebe Suda, who served as a Court Assistant at the station.nn nn[gallery size="medium" masterslider="true" loop="true" ids="31094,31095,31096,31097,31098,31099"]...

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Stations participate in games

Eldoret, Kitale & Kapenguria Law Courts judicial officers, staff and advocates led by Justice Antony Mrima, participate in various sports organized by the Law Society of Kenya, North Rift Chapter. Eldoret Chief Magistrate Dennis Mikoyan was among those present during the games.nn nn[gallery size="medium" masterslider="true" loop="true" ids="31083,31084,31085,31086,31087,31088,31089,31090,31091"]...

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National Land Commission CEO sworn in

Ms Kabale Tache Arero takes Oath of Office as the Secretary/ CEO National Land Commission before the Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mbete Mwilu at the Supreme Court building, Nairobi.nn nn[gallery size="medium" masterslider="true" loop="true" ids="31045,31046,31047,31048,31049,31050,31051,31052,31053,31054,31055,31056,31057,31058,31059,31060,31061,31062,31063,31064,31065,31066,31067,31068,31069,31070,31071,31072,31073,31074,31075,31076,31077,31078"]nn ...

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