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CJ Koome calls for action among stakeholders to stem road carnage

The Judiciary > Headlines  > CJ Koome calls for action among stakeholders to stem road carnage

CJ Koome calls for action among stakeholders to stem road carnage

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Nairobi. Friday, March 22, 2024. CJ Koome calls for action among stakeholders to stem road carnage

Chief Justice Martha Koome has called for vigilance on the roads to stem prevalent road accidents.

In a speech read on her behalf by Milimani Chief Magistrate Susan Shitubi during the Milimani Traffic Court Open Day held in Nairobi, the CJ said that it is only through the actions of all stakeholders that tangible solutions will be found to deal with the rising road carnage.

“It is through our actions that we transform intentions into reality, crafting a safer road environment for ourselves and future generations. Let us embrace the Traffic Rules and Regulations in order to bring order and safety in our roads,” said the Chief Justice.

She said all must work towards a new vision of road safety centred on societal ethos founded on personal responsibility and enforcing public good.

The CJ urged members of the public to develop a common purpose where they do not keep quiet when they see anyone violating Traffic Rules and Regulations.

“The objective of today’s gathering is twofold: to foster awareness of Traffic Rules and Regulations, and to illuminate the Court Procedures that underpin our legal framework for road safety,” said the CJ Koome.

She added: “This Open Day is a bridge, connecting the public to the intricacies of the law, demystifying legal procedures, and making justice accessible to all. It is an educational pivot that aims to equip every road user with the knowledge necessary to navigate the roads safely and responsibly.

The Chief Justice said the engagement in the discussions and presentations for the Open Day are guided by the spirit to remember the lives that have been tragically cut short on the roads and to remember families left to mourn and the dreams unfulfilled.

She urged all to support one another in the road safety journey through education, enforcement of laws, and through initiatives that promote road safety.

“Let us be challenged by what is happening in some of our neighbouring countries, like in in Kigali- Rwanda. In Rwanda we have a citizenry that has embraced adherence to Traffic Rules and Regulations. This has ensured road safety and order in the roads. Given that the citizens adhere to Traffic Rules and Regulations, the case load in courts in traffic matters is negligible in contrast to Kenya where our criminal courts are overwhelmed with numerous traffic matters that should not go to courts,” said the Chief Justice.

She added that Traffic Rules and Regulations must guide the conduct on the roads, and asked all to be ambassadors of safety in communities.

Justice Koome said the organizing of the Traffic Open Day signals more than just an event but heralds a pivotal moment in the collective journey towards enhancing road safety and upholding the rule of law.

“It is an open declaration of our shared vision to create a safer, more responsible, and law-abiding society. The vibrancy of this initiative reflects not only the dedication of our judicial officers and the court’s administration but also the invaluable contribution of each stakeholder involved in this noble cause,” said the CJ.

Milimani Chief Magistrate Susan Shitubi urged all stakeholders to come together to ensure they contribute to road safety and reduction of road accidents.

“This is just the beginning of these public outreach engagements, we shall continue engaging with the public to sensitize on road safety,” said Hon Shitubi.

Registrar Magistrates Court Caroline Kabucho urged road users to avoid breaking traffic laws so that they do not get themselves into trouble.

 “Matatu crews must wear their uniforms and boda boda riders must also wear the safety gear. The Judiciary will continue with such engagements to sensitize the public on road safety,” said Hon Kabucho.

Others who addressed the gathering at National Archives within the Central Business District are representatives of the Boda Boda Association, Matatu Owners Association, Nairobi City County, NACADA, NTSA, National Police Service, and the Office of the Director Public Prosecutions.





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