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CJ Koome launches e-filing and AJS in Mandera

The Judiciary > Latest News  > CJ Koome launches e-filing and AJS in Mandera

CJ Koome launches e-filing and AJS in Mandera

Chief Justice Martha Koome launched e-filing, Maslaha Alternative Justice Systems (AJS) Centre, and a High Court Sub-Registry in Mandera County during a serving Chief Justice’s first ever visit to the area, marking an extraordinary chapter in the pursuit of justice in the region.
The e-filing system is designed to streamline the process of filing of cases and pleadings, case tracking and improve overall experience for litigants and legal practitioners.
“We are clear that the digitisation should be well grounded, stakeholder driven and customer service oriented. It is integrated with the Uadilifu e-system operated by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP),” said CJ Koome.
As the Judiciary strives to bring justice closer to the people, it must be recognised that the traditional adversarial system of justice, while critical, is not the sole mechanism for the resolution of disputes.
Alternative Justice Systems (AJS) is beneficial because it is closer to the people, more affordable, easier to access, familiar and less bureaucratic. It also serves as a form of restorative justice. In addition, due to its participatory nature, it ensures more social inclusion. Thus, the launch of the Mandera Maslaha AJS Centre is an additional step geared towards the realisation of the goal of having in place an accessible, efficient, cost-effective, and expeditious system of justice.
The Chief Justice said the Judiciary is keen to actualize the dream of having courts closer to the people of Mandera. As a first step to actualize this goal, she officially designated and gazetted a High Court Sub-Registry at Mandera Law Courts on 7th August of this year.
The Judiciary is also keen on collaborating with County Governments in its quest to increase its footprints and will continue working together particularly in the area of getting land to be allocated and developing physical infrastructure to house courts in constituencies that do not have court stations.

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