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CJ Maraga launches Criminal Procedure Bench Book

The Judiciary > News  > CJ Maraga launches Criminal Procedure Bench Book

CJ Maraga launches Criminal Procedure Bench Book

Chief David Maraga today presided over the launch of the Criminal Procedure Bench Book nn? The Criminal Procedure Bench Book is a quick reference for judges and magistrates presiding over criminal proceedings.n? It provides guidance on statutes, judicial authorities, and policy directions that are relevant in different stages of criminal proceedings.n? The Book is not intended to replace reference to primary sources such as statutes, judicial authorities, and policy directions but serve as a guide for locating the relevant law.n? Although it has been designed for judges and magistrates, the Bench Book will be useful to other players in the criminal justice system such as prosecutors, defence counsel, probation officers, children officers, police officers, accused persons and academics.n? The book is an important tool through which justice will be enhanced through improved jurisprudence, well explained and laid out court processes, and the continuous improvement of the manner in which the courts dispense justice in criminal proceedings.n? Chapter one provides a brief overview of the principles that underpin criminal justice while chapter two addresses pre-trial matters and chapter three deals with the actual trial starting with general matters that relate to all criminal trials.n? Chapter Four deals with the delivery of judgment and sentencing, while Chapter Five, addresses appeals and other procedures that take place after sentencing. Chapter Six provides a reference point for matters that relate to processes that are subject to special procedures.n? To facilitate access to the primary sources, the electronic version of the Bench Book provides hyperlinks for the user to retrieve judicial authorities.n? In the print version, a list of cases at the end gives the internet address for every case mentioned in the Bench Book which is available on the internet.nn nn

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