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CRJ Mokaya commits to pursue 100pc funding for Judiciary

The Judiciary > Editor Feature  > CRJ Mokaya commits to pursue 100pc funding for Judiciary

CRJ Mokaya commits to pursue 100pc funding for Judiciary

Monday, March 25, 2024. Nairobi. CRJ Mokaya commits to pursue 100pc funding for Judiciary

Winfridah Boyani Mokaya has assumed office as the Chief Registrar of the Judiciary with a commitment to pursue 100 per cent funding by the government for access to justice, to mirror support provided to the security sector. Mokaya said the funding, the Judiciary is seeking is reasonable and should be administered as a public good.

“We need to make a better case for our budget allocation by shifting the case away from aggregate percentages to more modern and innovative methods that first consider unit costs such as cost per Judge or cost per case and then elevate the budget case to formal and universal justice needs in line with the Social Transformation through Access to Justice (STAJ) vision,” she said after assuming office as the 3rd Chief Registrar of the Judiciary since promulgation of the 2010 Constitution.

The Chief Registrar, who is also the Judiciary’s chief administrator and accounting officer, said her key priority areas will be to support implementation of the STAJ Blueprint, which advocates for a people-centred approach in the administration of justice.

“There is a lot to be done, but I would like to start with enhancing resource and assets management, streamlining our policy to results cycle and re-imagining our institutional administrative model to better align with our ideals of shared leadership and the constitutional value of decentralization,” she emphasised.

Mokaya will serve as the CRJ for a period of five years and draws her experience from being at the forefront of the administration of justice throughout her career. She served under Chief Justices Willy Mutunga, David Maraga and Martha Koome as the Registrar of the Judicial Service Commission from 2012.

“I assume this office cognizant of my 14 years in the Magistracy that gives me a strategic view, practical socialization and a deep understanding of the working environment. I fully identify myself with the critical role Judges and Magistrates play day-in day-out in execution of the Judiciary’s mandate,” said CRJ Mokaya

Mokaya took her Oath of Office before Chief Justice Martha Koome who urged her to be a champion of institutional innovation and revitalization to keep the Judiciary effective in a changing environment.

“As the CRJ, you will be expected to play a significant role in ensuring that the administrative and operational dynamics of the Judiciary move seamlessly to provide an enabling and supportive environment for the Judicial wing of the Judiciary to perform its functions in a conducive environment that guarantees high standards of service delivery to Kenyans,’’ CJ Koome said.

CJ further observed that the essence of success of the CRJ lies in striving for continuous improvements in administrative processes and responsiveness to the citizens that Judiciary serves.

Chief Justice Koome reminded the new CRJ to uphold the oath she took by upholding the law.

“The oath requires you to serve this country to the best of your abilities bearing in mind the enormous responsibilities placed upon you,” CJ Koome said.



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