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CRJ Mokaya meets KJSA

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CRJ Mokaya meets KJSA

CRJ Mokaya meets KJSA

Chief Registrar of the Judiciary Hon Winfridah Mokaya, held a meeting with officials of the Kenya Judicial Staff Association (KJSA), undertaking to address their concerns and forge good relations with staff for enhancement of service delivery.

Led by the President Mr. Boru Wako, KJSA Officials presented staff concerns on training, promotions, disciplinary processes and transfers, among others. CRJ noted that judicial staff are a key constituency and a critical asset to the Judiciary and pledged to given them her attention.

The Chief Registrar stated that the Judicial Service Commission is mindful of staff welfare and career progression and has recently re-designated staff with qualifications and acquired new skills to branch out to other careers available in the Judiciary.

For instance, some staff members who are Advocates of the High Court have been appointed as Assistant Deputy Registrars and Deputy Registrars, while others who have obtained qualifications in fields like accounts, supply chain management, and ICT have also been re-designated.

Regarding transfers, CRJ stated that there will be closer adherence to the policy that staff should work in a station for three years. She said there will be a more humane approach to transfers ensuring they do not happen during the school term to avoid disruption for school going children.

She undertook to consider for adoption a policy that has seen Judicial Officers being asked to choose at least three areas they would like to be transferred to, so that there is participation from employees affected by transfer decisions.

The CRJ informed the Association that the Human Resources Manual is under review with the aim of expanding the areas where staff are eligible for hardship allowances. She also assured staff that the Judiciary will engage with other stakeholders to increase Judiciary’s budget.

She encouraged the Association to educate its members about the welfare programs available, such as psycho-social support and other Wellness Programs, in order to increase staff participation and wellness champions at the court stations.

The Chief Registrar reiterated her commitment to staff welfare and encouraged them to work together in achieving Social Transformation through Access to Justice, which is the Judiciary’s promise to the people of Kenya.


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