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CUC trained

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CUC trained

Kerugoya High Court Presiding Judge Richard Mwongo concluded a three day training for the Kirinyaga County Court Users Committee (CUC).
In an effort to sensitize prisoners, remandees and other justice chain stakeholders, the Kirinyaga County CUC conducted a pre-service week training on plea bargaining and diversion, providing legal aid at Kerugoya and Mwea Prisons on May 15- 16,2024.
In addition, a conference on plea bargaining, diversion, active case management and sentencing policy guidelines was held on the May 17-18,2024, involving members from the Kerugoya, Gichugu, Wanguru and Baricho Law Courts CUCs.
These activities are in preparation for a three-day service week to be held at Kerugoya and Mwea Prisons from June 10-12, 2024.
The training was a collaborative effort of partners from the US-OPDAT ,the Legal Resource and the NCAJ.

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