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Facility eases printing services at court

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Facility eases printing services at court

Embu law courts have purchased a multifunction printer to ease printing services at the station.nnThe facility which was purchased by the support of the Court Users Committee has capacity to print, photocopy, scan and share documents.nnThe printer is open for use by litigants, staff, police, prosecutors and advocates.nn“The printer has helped reduce delays and adjournments in matters by all parties as witness statements can now be printed and availed easily,” Embu law Courts Chief Magistrate Maxwell Gicheru said.  nnHon Gicheru added that court officials like prosecutors, police officers and advocates no longer give excuses for lacking copies statements, defence, plaints or summons. This initially would delay hearings and waste court time as well as for their clients.nn‘This has contributed in a big way in unlocking matters in the system and facilitate filing of daily court returns,” Hon Gicheru said.nn nnnnFrancis Karanja, the court’s accountant said that processing of payments has become easier as the facility is a multifunction printer.nn‘We do not have to keep turning away clients for reasons that their paper work for payment has to be printed from a different location or in town or waste their time’ Mr Karanja said.nnClearance of case backlog by courts is in line with Chief Justice David Maraga’s blueprint Sustaining Judiciary Transformation which identified reduction of case backlog as a critical activity.nnCourt Users Committee which brings together various actors in the justice chain plays a pivotal role by addressing the problems hindering dispensation of justice at the court level.nnEnds/…

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