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In order to enhance the human resource capacity of the Judiciary, the Judicial Service Commission recruited over 1200 Judiciary staff during the 2016/2017 financial year.The staff includes secretaries, clerical officers, court interpreters, ICT officers and archivists. JTI has been conducting inductions for the new staff in groups of approximately 250 participants.

The last group is set to be inducted from 15th to 18th November, 2017. The objectives for the training include helping participants understand the Sustaining Judiciary Transformation (SJT) & culture change, participants to be sensitized on ICT as an enabler of effective service delivery and ICT programme in SJT, understand Judiciary performance management system and Appraisal System, understand career growth and scheme of service in the Judiciary and effective communication in the workplace and customer care skills.

Also to be inducted at JTI are 38 new magistrates recruited by the Judicial Service Commission. The magistrates have been appointed through a gazette notice No.10809 dated 3rd November, 2017. The induction will take place from 5th to 9th December, 2017. The following are the objectives of the training:

  • To appreciate the jurisdiction of the magistracy which include plea taking and recording of proceedings and overview of the Criminal Law process and procedures;
  • To be familiarize with bail and bond policy and its application and the law, policy and principles of sentencing;
  • To appraise the law and practice of temporary injunctions;
  • To appreciate the role of a magistrate in evaluation of evidence;
  • To gather skills and competencies necessary for effective judgement writing;
  • How to handle common mistakes in civil law and criminal law and procedures;
  • To understand the Community Service Orders;
  • To appreciate the Active Case Management and courtroom management as well as administration of CUCs;
  • To read and understand the ‘Sustaining Judiciary Transformation’ Blue print; and
  • To appreciate the Performance Management and Evaluation.

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