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Judiciary did not release ‘poisonous’ rice into the market

The Judiciary > News  > Judiciary did not release ‘poisonous’ rice into the market

Judiciary did not release ‘poisonous’ rice into the market

 nnPRESS RELEASE. February 4, 2019. nnThe Judiciary’s attention has been drawn to reports in sections of the media that the Judiciary ordered release of poisonous rice into the market. This is a malicious and false position aimed at tainting the image of the Judiciary.nnThe matter before court was NEVER on poisonous rice but rather that about 20% of the consignment of rice did not meet SIZE standard and should be reclassified and downgraded.nnBy the consent of both parties in the case, the good rice was released more than 3 months ago but the multi-agency refused to open the go-down. So by the time of the judgement, all the stock was still intact. In their submissions, parties agreed that indeed even the rice which was alleged not to meet the size actually had minimal size variation.nnIn his judgement, Justice Eric Ogola considered all the issues and ordered an immediate release. Poison had never been an issue in the entire proceedings.nnThe Judiciary will like to caution the media against reporting inaccurately and urge them to always verify the facts before publishing.nnCatherine WambuinDeputy Director of Public Affairs and CommunicationnnJUDICIARY

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