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Author: Frank Martha

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Judges hold annual colloquium-2023

The Annual Judges Colloquium is organized and hosted by the Kenya Judiciary Academy (KJA). It brings together Judges from all courts in the country and provides a forum for dialogue and reflection on topical issues affecting the Judiciary, key developments in the law and emerging jurisprudence from the courts. It also provides a platform for introspection and feedback from the Judiciary’s stakeholders. This year’s Judges’ colloquium is themed: The Judiciary’s Role in Realization of the Social Transformation Promise of the 2010 Constitution: Reflecting Back, Holding Ground and Forging Ahead. The theme of the Colloquium resonates with the Social Transformation Through Access...

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  Fellow Kenyans, Thirty days ago, on July 27th 2020, I promised to appraise and, where necessary, to escalate or de-escalate the steps taken so far to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.   I promised to do so because most of these steps were conditional.  Whether they worked or not depended on how we responded to them individually and collectively as a nation and as a people.   Today, I am happy to note that majority of Kenyans have exercised a reasonable level of civic responsibility in observing COVID Protocols.   They have embraced the fact that, it is not enough for government to upscale its efforts, if...

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Green Judiciary List Of Participants

REGIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON GREENING JUDICIARIES IN AFRICA 1-3 AUGUST 2018 LIST OF PARTICIPANTS JUDICIAL TRAINING INSTITUTES   Country Name of participant and institution Contact details   Benin Madame Pulchérie DONOUMASSOU SIMEON  Ministère du Cadre de Vie et du Développement Durable 00 229 97 73 49 46 / 00 229 90 03 17 80 /00 229 94 55 28 29    Burkina Faso Monsieur DJIGA Habib Ahmed Ecole Nationale d'Administration et de Magistrature   Monsieur Kaboré Sandaogo Antoine   Burundi   Monsieur Bienvenu NIYONGABO  Avocat et membre de la Commission Stages et formation du Barreau   Monsieur Eric NKURUNZIZA  Avocat, Formateur et professeur de droit de l’environnement   Central Africa Republic Monsieur Alexis N'DUI-YABELA  Directeur Général de l'ENAM (RCA) Ecole Nationale d'Administration et de Magistrature   Monsieur...

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January 16, 2020 PRESS RELEASE   Correction of a story in The Standard, January 16, 2020 page 8 titled ELACHI: SONKO’S CHOICE FOR DEPUTY TO KNOW HER FATE BY END OF JANUARY The Judiciary’s attention has been drawn to the story above that suggests that the Nairobi County Government is awaiting an advisory from the Supreme Court regarding the legality of appointing a Deputy Governor. A section of the story reads that “the (County) assembly is expecting the advisory from the Supreme Court by the end of the week” The Speaker of the Nairobi County Assembly, on January 6, 2019, filed a reference at the Supreme Court...

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The Directorate Human Resource Management & Development  has  signed  their annual Performance  targets to guide their operations    [caption id="attachment_17719" align="alignleft" width="482"] The Director, Human Resource Management & Development signed the FY2019/2020 PMMU for the Directorate, on 14th January 2020[/caption] [caption id="attachment_17720" align="alignleft" width="640"] Deputy Director, Administration and Security Services signing the FY2019/2020 PMMU for the newly established Directorate on 14th January 2020[/caption]...

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SIR JOHN AINLEY – 1962-1968

Sir John Ainley  Sir John Ainley was the first independent Kenya Chief Justice after having assumed office in 1962, a year before independence. Sir Ainley who served in several British colonial territories before coming to Kenya, had the singular honour of having sworn in the last Governor General of Kenya, Sir Malcolm MacDonald, in 1963, and Kenya’s founding President, Jomo Kenyatta, in 1964. Described by some as a polite and sincere person and non-controversial, Ainley served until 1968 when he was replaced by Justice Dennis Farrel. Sir Ainley is remembered as the judge who convicted Kisilu Mutua for the assassination of...

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Judiciary Transformation Framework(JTF) 2012-2016

The Judiciary Transformation Framework (JTF) was the Judiciary’s four-year reform blueprint that pulled the institution out of decades of near paralysis to a modern service oriented institution operating on world class standards. The Judiciary is expected to bring the new Constitution to life by changing it from a policy into a living, breathing document which promotes values and principles and advances the rule of law and human rights, develops the law and contributes to good governance. The Judiciary Transformation Framework (JTF) commits the Judiciary to pursuing four ‘Pillars’ of justice; 1). People - Focused Delivery of Justice - Aimed at delivering justice...

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