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CJ promises to enhance security for Judges, Judicial officers and Staff

The Judiciary > Headlines  > CJ promises to enhance security for Judges, Judicial officers and Staff

CJ promises to enhance security for Judges, Judicial officers and Staff

Chief Justice Martha Koome has assured that immediate steps were being taken to ensure the safety of court premises, especially to protect Judges, Judicial Officers and staff in the course of their duties.

Speaking during a special ceremony held at Makadara Law Courts to mourn and celebrate the life of Hon Monica Kivuti, who lost her life in the line of duty last week, the CJ noted that the tragic incident had exposed and amplified the Judiciary’s long-held security concerns and, more broadly, the safety of all who come to court premises, including other justice actors, court users and the public.

“I want to assure you that we will do all in our powers to ensure that this does not happen again!” stated the CJ.

CJ Koome said that the killing of a judicial officer in the seat of justice is unprecedented and amounts to an attack on judicial independence and the rule of law, values cherished by our Constitution.

The CJ assured that the Judiciary will work on boosting security across all court stations using available resources. Meanwhile, the CJ promised that the Judiciary leadership is engaging the Executive and Parliament to secure additional resources to support the implementation of past recommendations regarding Judiciary security.

She observed that the death of Hon Kivuti was one of the most difficult moments in the history of Kenya’s justice system.

“It will take time to recover, to undo the damage, and to heal the wounds and pain caused by this heinous act. But I am sure that our resilience will enable us overcome this cowardly attack and emerge even stronger,” said CJ Koome.

The CJ said that she had engaged the Ministry of Interior and National Administration and the Office of the Inspector General of Police to deploy additional officers to reinforce the Judiciary Police Unit and reorganize it into a fully-fledged Police Unit under the leadership of a senior commanding officer with a functional Secretariat.

CJ Koome called upon the public to demand that the Judiciary finds centrality in the nation’s allocation of resources.

“We must, as a nation, find the conscience to treat the Judiciary as a co-equal arm of government with the same resources extended to the Executive and Parliament. We cannot enforce governance without the Judiciary. We cannot have a secure country without a secure Judiciary,” urged CJ Koome.

The CJ noted that Hon. Kivuti died serving the cause of justice, living up to her calling on the altar of justice.

“Indeed, the fact that she was attacked while sitting and serving Kenyans in a tent and over lunch hour is a testament to her dedication and calling to serve the public,” Said Justice Koome.

Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu remarked that what the Judiciary does was a constitutional duty and if Judicial officers get it wrong, litigants should appeal and not take matters in their own hands.

“If you think we are corrupt, don’t kill us, instead report us to the Judicial Service Commission and provide evidence to ensure we are removed from office,” said DCJ Mwilu.

The DCJ called on those responsible for providing security to act now and stop empty talks.

JSC Commissioner Everlyne Olwande said Hon Kivuti was a firm, fair, dedicated officer who had no dent during her time of service.

The Commissioner noted that Hon. Kivuti will have died in vain if necessary steps are not taken to improve safety of the judicial working space.

Speaking at the same event, LSK President, Faith Odhiambo stated that the brutal killing of Hon. Kivuti, a dedicated magistrate and esteemed member of the Judiciary, was an appalling act of violence that has shaken the legal community and the nation to its core.

“Her untimely death, a stark reminder of the dangers faced by judicial officers in the line of duty, is an affront to justice and the rule of law,” said Ms Faith

President, Kenya Magistrates Judges Association Justice Stephen Radido, said that the magistrate’s death should not be in vain and the country should allocate resources for provision of secure working conditions.

Director of Public Prosecutions, Mr Renson Ingonga assured that talks were underway to provide a safe working space, not only for the judicial officers, but by all in the justice sector.

Chief Registrar of the Judiciary Winfridah Mokaya assured that her office will offer all necessary support and put in measures to ensure that security is enhanced in all courts across the country.

All court stations across the country held similar events to celebrate the life of Hon Kivuti.





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