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Milimani Anti-Corruption CUC visits prison facility

Members of the Chief Magistrate, Milimani Anti-Corruption Court Users Committee led by Hon Isabela Barasa, visited Nairobi West Prison to hold meeting and donate assorted items for use by the inmates.     [gallery size="medium" ids="31867,31868,31869,31870"]...

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The Changing Landscape of Justice in Kenya: A 60-Year Journey

The Changing Landscape of Justice in Kenya: A 60-Year Journey By Hon. Justice Martha Koome The changing landscape of justice in Kenya reflects the social and political transformation of our country over the last 60 years. The main goal of these transformative initiatives has been to improve the institutional performance of the Judiciary and to enhance access to justice for all Kenyans.   At independence in 1963, the Judiciary was perceived as an extension of the colonial government, often favouring colonial interests in its decisions, creating the need to indigenise the institution by increasing the representation of Kenyan nationals in key judicial positions....

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KJA hosts delegation from the newly established Malawi Financial Crimes Court Division

The Kenya Judiciary Academy is hosting a delegation from the newly established Malawi Financial Crimes Court Division that is in the country to hold discussions with various institutions including the Judiciary on a specialized court that deals with financial and economic crimes to ensure more effective, efficient and expeditious disposal of financial crime matters. The study is aimed at acquiring knowledge and insights, and to generally draw from the experiences of other courts in Africa in coming up with best practices, rules and regulations for the effective and efficient functioning of the newly established division. The team is led by High Court...

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Judiciary launches blueprint and presents annual report

Chief Justice Martha Koome presided over the launch the Social Transformation through Access to Justice (STAJ) 2023-2033 blueprint & Presentation of the State of the Judiciary and the Administration of Justice Annual Report (SOJAR) 2022-2023.     [gallery size="medium" ids="31746,31747,31748,31749,31750,31751,31752,31753,31754,31755,31756,31757,31758,31759,31760,31761,31762,31763,31764,31765,31766,31767,31768,31769,31770,31771,31772,31773"]...

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Over 500 admitted to the Roll of Advocates

Chief Justice Martha Koome presided over the admission of 561 lawyers to the Roll of Advocates. [gallery size="medium" ids="31712,31713,31714,31715,31716,31717,31718,31719,31720,31721,31722,31723,31724,31725,31726,31727,31728,31729,31730,31731,31732,31733,31734,31735,31736,31737,31738"]...

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Nyahururu Court Annexed Mediation Registry opened

A member of the Court Annexed Mediation (CAM) Taskforce Justice Aggrey Muchelule speaks during the launch of the Court Annexed Mediation Registry at Nyahururu Law Courts. Also present at the function were Judges Anthony Ndung'u and Kossy Bor as well as Nyahururu Law Courts Head of Station Chief Magistrate Evans Keago and Hon Muthoni Mwangi from the Court Annexed Mediation Secretariat, other judicial officers and staff, and stakeholders.   [gallery size="medium" ids="31688,31689,31690,31691,31692,31693,31694"]...

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CRJ Amadi opens Milimani Law Courts Annex

Chief Registrar of the Judiciary Anne Amadi officially opens the Milimani Law Courts Annex. The building formerly known as Forodha House is adjacent to Milimani Law Courts. The building houses the Employment and Labour Relations Court (ELRC), Environment and Land Court (ELC) as well as the Chief Magistrate Anti Corruption Courts. Others are the Small Claims Court, Court Annexed Mediation and Tribunals secretariat.   [gallery size="medium" ids="31660,31661,31662,31663,31664,31665,31666,31667,31668,31669,31670,31671,31672,31673,31674,31675"]  ...

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Kisumu court meets with Embassy of Denmark on progress of rollout of SGBV courts in the area

Kisumu Law Courts Chief Magistrate Dickson Onyango held talks with a team from the Embassy of Denmark convened to review the progress in the rollout of the Sexual & Gender Based Violence (SGBV) & Small Claims Courts at the station. [gallery size="medium" ids="31630,31631,31632,31633,31634,31635"]  ...

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Integrated Court Management Systems chair Justice Lenaola hosts Ghanaian delegation

Chair of the Integrated Court Management Systems (ICMS) committee Justice Isaac Lenaola hosted a delegation from the Judiciary of Ghana led by Court of Appeal Judge Janapare A. Bartels-Kwodwo who are on a study tour of the Kenya Judiciary. The team was in the country to understand the governance structure underpinning the automation drive, the legal reforms underpinning the digitization, the policy underpinning the automation drive and how it has been implemented, among other issues. Later, the delegation was hosted by High Court Principal Judge Eric Ogola who took them through the Case Tracking System (CTS) and how it facilitates dispensation of...

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